My Experience Receiving the Covid Vaccine

Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, took over our lives so unexpectedly last march. Through this ongoing battle of finding a solution to retaining the virus and eliminating it, different companies began working on their own vaccines. After a while of these experiments, the Pfizer covid vaccine got approved and then the Moderna vaccine got approved. Following those the Johnson & Johnson’s vaccine got approved as well. While these three have been approved the US is currently only providing their people with the Pfizer & Moderna vaccines since the Johnson & Johnson’s one just recently got approved. 

The vaccines all serve the same purpose and have the same side effects. These side effects include; swelling & pain in the injection site, fever, chills, fatigue/tiredness, and headaches. To help reduce the side effects, it is best advised to drink plenty of fluids/water and eat good meals. Also if you have pain or swelling on the arm where you received the injection, it is advised that you put a clean, wet, cool washcloth on it. 

On January 27th of 2021 I received my first covid vaccine dose, the Pfizer version. My school was offering them for those groups of people that qualified for the priority groups, which was those older than 65 years in age and any of those who had any health complications. I luckily was able to qualify & took advantage of it. 

After receiving the first dose, you are asked to sit in an observation area for 15 minutes. After sitting and waiting you are free to go home, so I did. I walked back to my dorm after receiving it and worked on homework. After a few hours, I experienced a mild headache but it was very manageable. After looking out for any more side effects I realized that I did not get any more than the mild headache and some slight soreness on the arm with the injection site. After receiving that first dose I scheduled the appointment for my second dose, which has to be around three weeks after the first one. My second dose was scheduled on February 16th but due to an unexpected winter storm that hit Texas, I was unable to receive it. 

Due to the inclement weather my appointment got pushed back multiple times, until February 26th rolled around and I was able to receive it. I got my second dose and went through the same process; got the vaccine, sat 15 minutes in the observation area and then headed back home. A few hours after receiving it, I began to experience side effects. I first got a really bad headache and then began to feel super tired and fatigued. I took ibuprofen to help ease the headache and fell asleep. Once I woke up from the nap, I began to feel feverish. The next morning, I woke up feeling chills and with a fever. I took some Advil after drinking a lot of water and eating a good meal, with the hopes that the side effects would wear out. Once night time rolled around, I realized that most of the side effects were gone and I only had a slight headache and some pain/swelling around the injection site. 

Even though I experienced most, if not all the side effects, I do not regret receiving the vaccine at all. Not only is it beneficial to me but it is for the better of the community as a whole, while I protect myself, I get to protect you as well. I would definitely recommend everyone to get the vaccine and take advantage of the opportunity if it's being offered. Look up locations that may be offering it around your area and sign up even if it’s to be put on a waitlist! Little by little, we can all receive it and help the community become COVID FREE, but in the meantime, remember to social distance & mask up!! (AND THANK ALL THE HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS/FRONTLINE WORKERS FOR THEIR TIME)


**Some Locations offering/open for sign ups to receive the vaccine in Texas are linked here***

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