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Movie Magic: Wes Anderson & Owen Wilson

Not only do we have awesome students doing awesome things on campus, but we also have some very notable alumni. Sure, Matthew McConaughey won an Oscar for his work in front of the camera (NBD) but what about people behind the camera? Enter, Wes Anderson.

Wesley Wales “Wes” Anderson; Taurus, age 44, successful film maker, and a proud Texas Longhorn! Wes was born in our dearest Houston, Texas in 1969, and grew up to attend The University of Texas at Austin. He graduated in 1990 with a degree in Philosophy, but it wasn’t until nearly six years later that Wes Anderson truly began to uphold the motto “Keep Austin Weird” and kept our university proud by releasing his first feature film Bottle Rocket with his bestie, Owen Wilson. It was at UT where Anderson met fellow Longhorn celebrity and his main writing partner, Wilson. Rumor has it that the two lingered at the University long after meeting their degree requirements performing in local theatrical productions and working for the university’s television station.

The pair met in a playwriting class in the Department of Theatre and Dance and bonded over the fact that neither spoke for the entire semester; obviously it was a match made in heaven! Soon they had developed a concept for a Texas based comedy which would set the mood for Anderson’s entire career. So while Wes might have graduated over 24 years ago, he, among other notable alum, serve as a reminder of how blessed we all are to attend such a prestigious university and the fantastic opportunities given to us every day. And as for me? I’m still waiting for someone to throw up a “Hook ‘em” sign at the end of their Oscars speech!

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