The Most Influential Woman in My Life


I’m light of women’s history month, I was asked to write about the woman who inspired me the most in my life. It took me a long time to figure out who or what I should write about, but then it hit me. Everyday, I am inspired by my mother.

My mother had me young at 21 years old, and she was barely starting her life when I started mine. She didn’t know what to expect when she first met me (what new mother does?), but she didn’t let that stop her.

My mom is the perfect combination of strong minded and determined. When she has her mind set on something, she will accomplish it or will try her best until she has no more try in her. This quality of hers is what has influenced me the most in my life and what has made me become the women I am today. I came along while she was in college, on the road to being a lawyer. However, being a layer wasn’t in her cards. Fortunately, I was the blessing in disguise that did not let that happen. Now, every day she can inspire more children in the classroom as a teacher.

Another quality my mom has that has definitely influenced me is her power to speak up and speak out. She is a woman who speaks her mind and will always let a room know what her thoughts are. Although this quality may have frequently gotten her trouble, as it does with most of the women in my family, this quality has helped define who I am today. My mom taught me to never hold my tongue, unless I really, really have to. If I really, really have to, then she taught me that my mind is the most powerful part of me and was where my thoughts could scream without anyone knowing.

Without my mom I wouldn’t be the woman I am today. She taught me most of what I know now. She’s the one who inspires me to reach farther everyday by raising the bar and the expectations for myself. She makes me a better person and continues to influence, even now that I am in college.

My mother is more than just my mom; she is my best friend and makes me proud to be her daughter every single day.

Thank you, mom.

I love you!