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Meeting People: The Easiest and Hardest Thing

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Another year has started and we’re back to that same cycle. Class, homework, eat, sleep, and repeat yet amid that we still need that human interaction. 

Everywhere we go there are people. Hundreds, if not thousands pass by us every day. Whether it be through a simple stroll on campus, just sitting around your classmates, or being a part of a GroupMe, we have an unlimited number of resources on the potentiality of meeting people, but it can be extremely difficult to meet “your” people. 

Last year, like everyone else I had all the tools in my pocket, yet I still felt so alone. I was in my classes, I was a part of a few orgs and groups on campus, and yes, I talked to a few people, but I felt like I hardly made connections. I realized I needed to change up a few things in order to actually meet people.

Here’s what I am doing differently this year to put myself out there

1. I’m not just joining the class GroupMe and putting the notifications on mute, but I am looking into those study groups.

  • Last year I did my work independently because I felt I didn’t need help and while that still may be the case, going to study groups will allow you to meet and connect with people in the class.

2. I’m aiming to be more “involved” in my orgs

  • Instead of just doing the bare minimum, going to meetings, and making the volunteer points necessary for the semester, I want to prioritize going to socials and talking to people there. To truly be a part of something, you need to put the time and priority to allow yourself to actually talk and meet people.

3. I’ll be reaching out!

  • In my instance, I would meet a ton of people but would never reach out to make plans. We’d have a great connection, exchanged information, but never followed up. This year I will be reaching out and whether it is through something as simple as studying or grabbing food, I will take the time to build a relationship.

We all need to put ourselves out there a little and just be open to meeting everyone. It can be hard, and you won’t meet your best friend immediately, but you can make a great friend if you just try a little.

Daisy Ruiz

Texas '25

Hi! I'm Daisy and I'm a current economics major here at UT Austin. I love anything skincare related, my dogs, and going to new places.