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Make Art with Erika Casalas

As far as majors go, art majors have a tendancy to fly under the radar. Tucked away in a corner of campus, they spend their days and nights in the studios with their headphones in, working on countless projects. Erika Casalas is a freshman art major at UT, but is no stranger to the world of art. Already she was selected to paint murals for a business in Austin and has big plans to use to her art to make social commentary on the world. Erikka is giving us a quick glimpse into the world of an art major and from the way it looks now, this may not be the last you see of her or her art work across town.

HCTX: When did you first start doing art?

Erika Casalas: I’ve been doing art ever since I can remember! My mom always added crafts and projects to our weekend routines growing up, and I just continued them as I got older!

HCTX: What draws you to art?

EC: Art is an escape for me, and a way to show the world what’s on my mind. I think it’s incredible to be able to portray what I’m thinking when I can’t always articulate it with words.

HCTX: What would you like to do with your art personally? What about on a broader scale- what do you want to be able to accomplish with your art?

EC: Something I’ve always wanted to do was to make political cartoons, but for worldly issues. I hope to use my art to project messages that I personally feel the world would benefit from grasping.

HCTX: Who are your favorite artists?

EC: In class I’ve learned the styles of a couple new artists who intrigue me, including Jennifer Levonian! I also am a fan of Andy Warhol and Banksy for his mysterious presence.


HCTX: What sort of projects have you been doing recently with your art? How did that get started? Are you enjoying it?

EC: Recently I’ve been working on a mural project for a family owned business called East Austin Medicine Shop! I’ve had an incredible time spending my days outside, listening to music, and painting window murals. I’ve also been making use of my sketchbook journal more than usual, alongside the 3D and digital projects I’ve had for my two studio classes! Sculpture and photoshop are two mediums I don’t have much practice with, so it’s been fun to work with those two as well.

HCTX: Whats the most difficult thing about being an art major?

EC: I think the most difficult thing about my major is the opinions that others have of me when I tell them what I’m currently in school for. A lot of people have predetermined opinions of artists that automatically places me in a category in their mind. Artists have the capabilities of numerous disciplines; combining presentation, communicative, and critical thinking skills, just to name a few.

Juliet is in her third year at the University of Texas. She's passionate about Texas football, dogs, Harry Potter and changing the world.
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