A Love Letter To Tinder

Dear Tinder,


Although you have brought me an abundance of trashy pickup lines and less than fairytale endings, you also brought me my best friend. While we started out as strangers at university, our hours on Tinder together brought us closer. Study sessions quickly digressed to Tinder swiping sessions (side-note: no, dog pics do not make you more attractive), and before we knew it we were laughing together as though we had been friends since birth. We quickly came to epitomize all that dating apps strive to accomplish - we found a relationship based on trust, respect, and unconditional love. From late night talks, to spontaneous adventures, and everything in-between, the friendship you have gifted us transcends any other. And so, although we have not yet found our Disney fairytale endings, we have discovered something even more magical: true and lasting friendship. For this, I am infinitely grateful to a dating app that I never would have imagined could change my life in such a profound way. Tinder, you are remarkable. 



Meg and Chandler