JTT Has Nothing on These Hunks

The 90s are back, whether I like or not, so instead of cringing at acid washed jeans, let’s talk about the hotties! Ask women who grew up in the 90s about who they were crushing on and most people will tell you about Tiger Beat heartthrob that lived on their wall. The teenybopper who made them blush and close their eyes while changing into Rugrats PJs (I swear they can see you through the poster. JK Rowling didn’t just come up with that on her own). These teenage dream boats live on through the tales of one generation of teenage girls to the next…but what about THE MEN?

Jean Claude Van Damme


My elementary school BFF and I were obsessed with JCVD. This was pre-tortilla chip commercial Van Damme. He always had a wet, permed mullet which made us melt into oblivion.


He was so dreamy to us that we took a navy-blue crayon and decided it was “him.” When “he” broke in half, we put “him” in a cardboard box with tissue and nursed him back to health, though he’d never be the same.




Um, “You’re Welcome.” If you want to see more of this, I encourage you to YouTube his (sorry, 2000) music video for Untitled (How Does it Feel). I can’t provide a specific way to “utilize” this sensual video, but a bath and a glass of wine never steered me wrong. Just sayin!



Mark Wahlberg


Marky Mark is, was, and always will be a hottie. But one the highlights of his hotness was his 1992 Calvin Klein ad. I felt this was too risqué of a poster to hang up in my bedroom, but I encourage anyone interested to check eBay for their apartment or dorm décor.  


Robin Shou


Robin Shou sizzled in Mortal Kombat. Shou who is a bad ass Kung Fu fighter who has to save the world. Ladies, he basically never fights with a shirt on.


Bonus: I highly encourage adding the Mortal Kombat theme song to your pre-gaming power hour. Fight dancing is da bomb dot com.


Antonio Banderas (and bonus, Selma Hayek!)


Antonio Banderas is arguably one of the sexiest Latino men of the 90s. His shouldering looks, the way he rocks that long hair. Forget, “Bye, Felicia!” it’s more like “Bye, Fabio!”


And Selma Hayek, she’s not only a fantastic dramatic actress, but she’s comedic and smart and ULTRA SEXY. She is simply all that and a bag of chips in my book.


This is, of course, in no way an exhaustive list, but we don’t have all day.