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In 2019, Megan Thee Stallion tweeted: ‘Being a Hot Girl is about being unapologetically YOU, having fun, being confident, living YOUR truth, being the life of the party etc.’ This iconic tweet changed the female mindset and created the ever-so-needed Hot Girl Summer. Hot Girl Summer is a season, and mindset, where we can enjoy our relationships, experience new things, and let our inner confidence shine. To help you prep for this upcoming Hot Girl Summer, here are a few tips, tricks, and suggestions I have!

Disclaimer: There is no official guide on having a Hot Girl Summer, but here are a few things that help me stay in the mindset and energy of the season. 

Get in the Mindset

As mentioned, Hot Girl Summer is all about the mindset. You need to start building the idea that YOU are THAT girl and deserve it all. I recommend starting your days with an empowering affirmation to remind yourself of this and to keep you feeling inspired. Here are some of my favorites:

  1. No one is me and that is my power.
  2. I radiate confidence and compassion.
  3. I trust my inner guidance and follow it.
  4. I give myself permission to take up space.

Hot Girl Dresscode

Some people think dressing for Hot Girl Summer means only wearing skin-tight or revealing clothes, but in reality, it’s about embracing your style with attitude and poise. If that means showing off your body in crop tops and mini skirts, so be it! You should be wearing whatever makes YOU feel comfortable and empowered. Don’t fall for the trap of wearing what others deem fashionable or trendy if that’s not your style. The best way to become a Hot Girl is to embrace your own sense of style and wear it with confidence and pride.

Mix up the Routine

This summer is the time for exploration and new experiences. While routines can be comforting, they’re also expected. Branch out from the everyday routine and try something new! It doesn’t even agave to be a significant change! Try a new makeup look, start going on walks, or even plan a vacation! Get out there and start mixing things up!

Again, there is no “right way” to have a Hot Girl Summer, but hopefully, these tips give you a place to start! Enjoy your Hot Girl Summer!

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