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How the Ukraine Conflict Will Affect You and How to Help


The evolving conflict between Ukraine and Russia is an incredibly complex situation that has been intensifying daily. To very briefly summarize 30 plus years of history, tension has been ongoing between the two nations since the separation of The Soviet Union 1991. Ever since Ukraine emerged as an independent country, it has been fluctuating between the influences of both The West and Russia until recently. Things really started to get tense following the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula in March of 2014. This was Putin's retaliation against the ousting of the pro-Russian president Viktor Yanukovych. Ukrainians since have been advocating for inclusion into Western alliances such as The European Union and NATO. The Russian government feels threatened by Ukraine's push for Western ties because other former Soviet Nations have followed suit such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. There are many reasons behind Putin’s motivation for Ukraine. It is for geopolitical reasons such as limiting the influence of NATO, expanding Russian territory and Ukraine vast oil reserves and major pipeline. It is important to note, this is Europe’s first major land war since World War II.


Moscow did not anticipate the power of The Ukrainian Resistance nor the quick consolidation of severe European Union and US imposed sanctions. These sanctions have been coined ‘Economic Warfare’ because it has blocked access to billions of dollars in foreign reserves and other measures. Though Putin is being met with immense opposition, Russian troops have completely seized control of Kherson, in Ukraine’s south. Ongoing conflict is occurring in the capital city of Kyiv, northeastern Kharkiv and Mariupol displacing over 1 million people. 

How This Could Affect You and How to Help

The US hit the highest rate of inflation in 40 years in January of 2022; with prices increasing 7.5% from 2021. Maintained and potential future sanctions against Russia, especially those targeting the oil refinery sector, will only cause further inflation in the US economy. Russia being a major exporter of crude oil has caused a major global disruption in oil supply, therefore driving up gas prices. 

This is already causing a ripple effect, making the transportation of goods much more expensive. To supplement the higher cost of gas, companies will supplement by charging the consumers more. U.S. inflation will likely manifest itself in higher grocery and heating bills, stock market volatility, and airline travel prices.

The world it seems has been an extra crazy place these past few years. It is easy to feel overwhelmed and helpless because of the scale of problems occurring but remember even helping on a micro level helps. Whether it be donating to charities below, or volunteering at a local organization, it all matters.



The International Committee of the Red Cross

Project C.U.R.E.

World Food Kitchen

Razom for Ukraine





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