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How I Will Continue to Stay Green after Earth Day

Earth Day brings people together for the good cause of protecting mother earth. This time of the year is always my favorite because I love showing off ways that I stay green daily! Today, I wanted to share my most accessible ways to stay green throughout the year so that we can continue to make a difference in the future of our planet. 

Reusable bags 

Reusable bags are always a staple item in my purse whenever I leave the house. Even if I don’t plan on stopping to shop, I always make it a point to bring them with me to be prepared just in case. It’s such an easy way to reduce waste fashionably! Almost every store that sells products carries reusable bags near the checkout area, and I have to limit myself sometimes not to go overboard. I always love finding cute or quirky bags that match my aesthetic. I stepped up my style game while carrying around reusable bags by buying canvas totes and customizing them to my taste. I love sewing on puffballs or doing a quick little paint job on them! 

Decline Receipts

I don’t know about you, but my purse used to be a collector of all my receipts that I never actually needed. What’s even worse is that some stores print unnecessarily long receipts even if you only bought one item. The good thing is that most stores now give you the option if you want a receipt printed or emailed to you, which makes it as easy as pushing a button! This is a great way to reduce paper waste whenever you’re an avid shopper like me! If you forget to select that option, or if they print it out anyway, you can just be sure that you recycle it!


“You have too many plants,” said no one ever! I can never get enough plants to put in my house or to plant outside. First of all, the double as decor while helping create clean air! There are so many plants to choose from that could match your home aesthetic and pots that you can change to fit your theme even more. You can also create a fun activity out of painting and decorating your pots with friends or family. I’ve recently been getting into planting flowers in pots I’ve decorated because I love seeing something I create grow and flourish. Although, I understand that some people would instead prefer to purchase fully grown flowers from the start. To that, I suggest buying your flowers locally to reduce the air miles that imported flowers require

Maci Wolfe

Texas '22

Hello! My name is Maci Wolfe, I'm a 22-year-old Latina attending the University of Texas at Austin as a Studio Art major. I practice many different styles of art but mainly studio and digital! I love playing with my dog, gaming, baking, and watching movies!
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