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How to Eat Pray Love in 2021

The 2010 “Eat Pray Love” film adaptation of the memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert follows a writer named Liz Gilbert (Julia Roberts) as she journeys across the world to find a balance for her life and re-open her heart to love after a divorce. 

On this journey of self-discovery, Gilbert ventures to Italy, India, and Bali to regain her zest for life. She does this by making new friends, learning to indulge herself in simple pleasures like food, and opening her heart to love by connecting with her spirituality. 

Due to Covid-19, it seems very improbable to experience your very own Eat Pray Love journey that takes you around the world, but not impossible. Here are a few ways to embark on a self-discovery journey during the pandemic. 


1. Eat

Although traveling to different parts of the world to eat exotic meals isn’t the safest way to enjoy food these days, there are many options that can help you find joy in simple pleasures. This step is all about learning to realize that you deserve to slow down and take a break. If it’s food you are looking to enjoy then may I suggest supporting local small businesses and venturing out of your normal comfort food. 

Food isn’t the only way to find fulfillment through lifeʼs complexities, instead, you could try the age-old remedy that is retail therapy. Books, clothes, and anything in your Amazon cart is fair game when it comes to treating yourself. 

Another way to enjoy yourself is to allow yourself to take a detour from your day-to-day routine and indulge in your time. Life can get pretty crazy, so take some time to relax and see how unwinding can revitalize your attitude and energy. Don’t feel guilty for taking the time to focus on yourself, it is a necessity. 


2. Pray

The film sees a struggling Julia Roberts trying to forgive herself and find a balance between allowing others to love her and loving herself, through meditation and self-reflection. Meditation can be a freeing experience that allows you to focus on your reality, your goals, and what you need to work on for yourself.

Self-reflection is an important key in discovering who you are and appreciating that while pursuing where you want to be in life. You can do this in a number of Covid-friendly ways that don’t involve traveling around the world. 

Journaling is an easy way to revel in self-reflection and also have a form of self-expression. Another way to dig into self-reflection is to go for a walk. Although there are many restrictions on indoor activities, getting outside and enjoying some fresh air is one of the best ways to do some soul-searching.


3. Love

This one may be tricky, but so vital in coming to terms with your life and being comfortable and confident in your skin. Love, in a journey of self-discovery, is not just about learning to accept the love of others, more importantly, it’s about learning to love yourself. 

Sometimes we face emotions that can get in the way of self-love, such as guilt or shame for our past. Part of loving yourself and being able to love others is forgiving yourself and being more gentle with yourself about the emotions you experience.

The biggest take away from Eat Pray Love is that it takes effort to find a balance that allows you to find happiness. It may not be easy to find a balance between enjoying the simple things in life by indulging in some of your interests, self-reflecting, and learning to forgive and love yourself, but the journey is worth it.

Ilyanna Santos is an aspiring writer and journalist from Austin, Texas. She is a staff writer and Marketing & Publicity Director for Her Campus Texas. She is currently studying journalism at the University of Texas at Austin and is the Marketing and Social Media Director for Shamari Realty. In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and a good cup of tea.
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