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With the death of hot girl summer fresh in our wake, we make room for the next best thing: hot girl halloween. With the influx of early 2000’s trends dominating fashion right now, here are my favorite Y2K- inspired costumes for this year that will make you want to blast a throwback playlist and shotgun a pumpkin cream cold brew.

  1. Aquamarine 

Aquamarine is by far one of my favorite movies from the early 2000’s, and this costume is a great conversation starter. This is the perfect throw-together costume if you’re in a time crunch and Amazon Prime is your best friend.

What to wear: All you need is a long sleeve teal blue shirt to tie into a dress, flip flops and blue clip in hair extensions. For an added touch, you could wear starfish earrings just like Sara Paxton, or some other sea themed accessories like hair clips. 

2. Jenna Rink from 13 going on 30

I have had this costume in the back of my mind since an Amazon remake of Jenna’s stunning party dress went viral on TikTok a few months ago. I am so happy to see this movie resurface again because nothing screams early 2000’s like Jennifer Garner eating Razzles and time travel.

What to wear: Obviously you’ll need the dress from Jenna’s work party, a chunky butterfly necklace, funky rings and bracelets and some very bright lipstick. 

3. Britney Spears

Britney has recently entered the spotlight again in full force, and while everyone is rooting for her freedom right now, this is the perfect chance to revisit all of her amazing past looks. My favorite part about this costume idea is the sheer versatility. The iconic popstar has so many distinctive looks, which means there are so many to choose from. My biggest tip is to stick to any popular music video or award show outfit to find the perfect inspiration. 

What to wear: Some websites sell full costumes like Etsy or Amazon, however you could simply throw an outfit together on your own. For an easier look, like the “Baby One More Time” music video, you’ll need a white button up shirt, a cardigan, a pleated skirt and tights. For hair, two braided pigtails will complete the look. 

4. Jennifer Check from Jennifer’s Body

October is the perfect time to rewatch the classic comedic horror film, Jennifer’s Body, and to honor the true feminist boy-eating queen through costume. While I think this choice may be a popular one this year, there are still ways to do it justice. It’s time to embrace the ultra-low rise pants and fake blood.

What to wear: For a full set look, Jennifer’s Devil’s Kettle cheerleading outfit can be found on the Dollskill website. If you’re looking for a different approach, the classic heart print zip up, low-rise jeans and heart shaped earrings is the perfect, yet subtle portrayal of everyone’s favorite demon. 

5. The Cheetah Girls

I had to include at least one iconic group costume in the mix, and this one is a must-wear in the name of sisterhood and animal prints. The Cheetah Girls movie was such a staple for Disney in the early 2000’s that this look will be simple, yet easily recognizable. 

What to wear: Starting off with the more popular approach, this outfit could be as simple as a matching tracksuit and a cheetah print headband. Alternatively, your group could wear jeans with plain black shirts and dress it up with over the top accessories and cheetah belts just like the cast. There is definitely room to take creative liberties with this one. 

Katlynn is a journalism student at the University of Texas at Austin. She has a love for sustainability, fashion, writing, music and activism. Her goal is to pursue a career in fashion and entertainment writing. Additionally, her other passions include yoga, chess and taking care of her dachshund-chihuahua mix, Margo.
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