A Holiday For Everyone

Halloween has officially come to a close. The leftover candy haunts our pantries.  Thoughts have now turned over to Thanksgiving (or Christmas if you’re one of those people who skips ahead like that).  But, in some cultures, Halloween is only a marker of another holiday shortly after.


Dia de los Muertos, the Day of the Dead, is a two-day celebration following Halloween. Throughout Mexico, people sing and dance, make offerings to their deceased loved ones, and adorn their faces with intricate face paint. The centerpiece of the celebration is the ofrenda, an altar, built in private homes or cemeteries. These are not your typical altars. Rather, these altars are stacked with colorful offerings to assist in the spirits journeys on these two days. You see, the belief is that the spirits of one’s ancestors and loved ones travel during these days of celebrations to visit the living.


Disney Pixar brings this holiday to life in the film Coco. The themes are following your dreams, loving your family, and remembered those who have came before us. The animation is unlike any other Disney Pixar film I have seen. This holiday allows for a wild creative mind to utilize as many colors as possible when constructing the “spirit world.” Although the aesthetics of the movie are breathtaking, it’s the storyline intertwined with a widely celebrated holiday that is the true eye opener.



So instead of skipping to Thanksgiving, or glossing over that holiday straight towards Christmas, consider expanding your holiday knowledge. Coco is a fun way to learn about another culture and it’s easily accessible. It’s on Netflix! If you enjoy bright colors, feel-good movies, and celebrating other cultures, this movie is for you.