HC Texas Reviews HC Survival Kit Products

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

The Her Campus Texas chapter team received their #HCSurvivalKits last week! Our girls were thrilled to try and review each of these products! Want to know what were in the survival kits? Keep reading, then!


  1. Freeman Beauty masks

Freedman Beauty has a mission, and that mission is Feeling Beautiful™.  Freedman Beauty mizes fresh botanicals to make products that feel good, smell good, and do good for skin! Our survival kits included the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay Mask, the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask + Cleanser, and the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask.


According to the packaging, the Freeman Feeling Beautiful Rejuvenating Cucumber + Pink Salt Clay Mask has Cucumber Extract, which calms and soothes the skin while the Pink Himalayan Salt softly exfoliates and detoxes skin for a clear, glowing and hydrated complexion. It is perfect for all skin types. The Feeling Beautiful™ Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask + Cleanser has Manuka Honey that helps deliver potent healing properties to nourish skin. Tea Tree Oil helps to purify pores and control oil with its antibacterial properties. It’s perfect for oily-breakout prone skin. Finally, the Feeling Beautiful™ Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud Mask works like magic to moisturize, remineralize, and make skin sensationally soft! Skin-loving minerals have a natural nourishing effect that boosts smoothness and overall skin health. Activated Charcoal locks onto oils & toxins, then gently lifts them away without over-drying or disturbing skin. Black Sugar helps skin hold on to hydration, which helps smooth out roughness and fine lines. It’s perfect for normal to combination skin.


Here’s what our girls and their friends had to say about the two of these masks:

Feeling Beautiful™ Manuka Honey + Tea Tree Oil Clay Mask + Cleanser:

“The mask had a clarifying effect without taking too much moisture out of my skin. I enjoyed how soft it made my skin feel!”

Feeling Beautiful™ Detoxifying Charcoal + Black Sugar Mud

“I buy charcoal masks frequently, because I enjoyed how much exfoliation they give to my skin. This one by Freeman Feeling Beautiful is a typical go-to. It leaves my skin feeling freshly clean and smooth. I'd recommend it.”


2. Aeropostale

Aeropostale gifted our HC Survival Kits this semester with many different accessories! There was a little something for everyone in our chapter! While, we’ll review their accessories, make sure to check out their denim pieces this fall! Everyone loves denim, and Aeropostale has a lot to choose from with their super stretchy, best-selling denim styles!


Here’s what our girls had to say about their products:

“Earrings by Aeropostale were really chic! Great fall pieces.”

“The rings were really cute, but they don't have much longevity. One provided in a set of rings snapped in half a week after wearing it. I did wear it often, though.”

“I got a gray wallet that is cute and the perfect size for a small clutch.”

“I got sunglasses, but I didn't think they were weak plastic. The only thing I wished is that they were more circular instead of a tiny flare on the edges that connected to the stems.”


  1. Bead Head by TIGI

Bed Head makes hair products, and they have an innovative range of products inspired by street trends. They are designed to be blended, layered, and cocktailed together, and they claim to be the #1 styling brand globally. The Her Campus Texas girls received their Bed head by TIGI Masterpiece Shine Hairspray, Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, Hard head Hairspray, and Oh Bee Hive! Matte Dry Shampoo.


Here’s a quick run through of each product, as provided by their company, and what our girls had to say about their products:

“Perfect for holding hair in place and adding shine to smooth hair!”


  • Bed Head by TIGI Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo: Spray at roots to absorb excess oils, make hair smell fresh and keep it rockin' one more night. Less frequent shampooing saves hair from heat styling damage and colour loss. Unbelievable texture is perfect for big hair or updos. Near colorless formula won't show on your clothes or pillowcase!

“I needed dry shampoo and thought this worked very well!”

“I like the shampoo, and it smells good too.”

“Normally I don’t use dry shampoo, but one day I really needed it and it came in handy. I really really liked the scent, and I liked how it didn't leave my hair chalky.”


  • Bed Head by TIGI Hard Head Hairspray: Relentless hold and control - dries instantly! The more you use the harder it gets. Strong hold, subtle shine, and conditions as it controls hair. Adjusts hair's pH.

“This product is very good at holding hair, but it does make it somewhat obvious that you have hairspray in your hair”


“love dry shampoo, and this one has to be my favorite. At first, I was skeptical of whether it would be any good or not, but I was forced to accept how well it absorbs oil in your hair, creating a soft, bouncy, and voluminous effect throughout the day. I received so many compliments on my hair the first time I used it. The only complaint I would have is that I have to be a little conservative with how much is applied, otherwise my hair begins to look a little wiry by the end of the day.”


  1. Spindrift Sparkling Water


Spindrift is America’s first and only sparkling water made with real, squeezed fruit. Their unsweetened, triple-filtered and our fruit is picked from family farms! Their flavor include lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, orange mango, raspberry lime, strawberry, and blackberry. They are only sweetened by fruit, meaning natural calories! They are sold online at https://shop.spindriftfresh.com/ and in-store at Trader Joes, Target, Whole Foods and more!


Unfortunately, these arrived before our girls could try them in time for this article, but we are eager to test them out!


  1. Erin Condren Calendars

As advertised, Erin Condren is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating personalized & customized organizational and lifestyle products that inspire, simplify, and stylize your life so that you can schedule today and celebrate tomorrow. The HC Survival Kits included the new hardbound LifePlanners, which featured sleek satin-finished covers and horizontal weekly planners. These LifePlanners span 18 months from July 2017 to December 2018, optimizing busy school schedules in terms of planner life spans!


Here’s what our girls had to say about the planners:

“These are pretty calendars with a great layout to maximize organization! I love the fact that I can use the calendar for a year and a half, as opposed to the regular year length use I get from other calendars.”

“I have used Erin Condren planners in the past and absolutely love their clear layout and the organization they provide.”

“Love this planner! Super cute and organized, and I also like that it is hard covered.”

“I love Erin Condren planners, especially the layouts and different ways to help you organize.”


  1. HI-CHEW Candy

HI-CHEW is a Japanese chewy fruit-flavored candy with a history that stretches back over a century when the Japanese HI-CHEW founder Taichiro Morinaga brought his candy-making skills to America in the 1800s. It is sold in most convenience and grocery stores, including, but not limited to, 7-Eleven, Walmart, target, Cosco, and Ralphs. Its flavors include grape, cherry, strawberry, banana, mango, green apple, and kiwi, with sour flavors in lemon, lime, and grapefruit. These little candies are cholesterol free,gluten free, and devoid of trans fat and artificial colors.  Made from real fruit juice, prices range from .99$ to 5.29$!




What our girls had to say about these candies:

“The strawberry is my favorite, quickly followed by the mango and grape. I wasn't a fan of the green apple, but that works out for my friend quite well, because he loves the green apple. These are soft and chewy, and highly addicting. "We're gonna be really sad when we finish eating all of these" is a literal quote my friend told me when trying these out.”

“Love, love, LOVE Hi-Chew candies. I enjoyed all the flavors, but my favorite is definitely strawberry with mango as a close second.”


  1. L’Oreal Paris Tanning Products and Moisturizer

L’Oreal Paris is an affordable beauty care brand based in Paris, France with products ranging from tanning products and moisturizers to lipsticks and eyeliners. HC Survival Kits included the L’Oreal Paris Sublime Bronze Self-Tanning Towelettes, Sublime Bronze ProPerfect Salon Airbrush Mist, and Hydra Genius.


Unfortunately, none of the HC Texas girls use tanning products, so we weren’t able to review these just yet, but here is a run-down of each product. Make sure to check out the links!


  1. Steripod Toothbrush Protector

What’s a Steripod, you may ask? Steripod’s clip-on toothbrush protector with active vapors fits any manual or electric toothbrush, and they claim it keeps your toothbrush clean and fresh for up to 3 months. Just clip on this protective ‘pod’ to shield your brush from all kinds of nasty airborne contaminants and cross contamination from other toothbrushes -- super important during flu season and finals!

Here are some highlights about their product:

  • Steripod uses thymol, found in many mouthwashes and oral antiseptics, to release active vapors, creating a safe environment to store your toothbrush between uses.

  • Steripod is specially designed so air circulates freely allowing your toothbrush to dry naturally. Contaminants require a moist atmosphere to multiply most effectively, so the drier your brush, the lower the risk of bad bugs on your bristles. Say goodbye to your gross, smelly toothbrush case and breathe in the fresh, clean, protective scent of Steripod.

  • Color code and protect your toothbrush with Steripod, available in a rainbow of bright colors so you know which toothbrush is yours. Steripod is also the perfect on-the-go solution to keep your toothbrush clean and fresh in your backpack or wherever your overnight adventures may lead you. Never worry about how clean your toothbrush ACTUALLY is ever again.

  • Developed by doctors and independently tested for efficacy at an accredited lab, Steripod toothbrush protectors are available nationwide at Bed Bath & Beyond, Target, Walmart and, online at Amazon or GetSteripod.com. A pack of two provides six months protection and costs $5.99. Steripod is also available in a “family pack” size that includes eight Steripods – ideal for college dorms and roommates - for $19.99, which comes with free shipping at GetSteripod.com.

  • Sign up at GetSteripod.com to receive a reminder text or email when it's time to update your Steripod!


Here are our girls’ reviews of Steripod:

“Super helpful and perfect for traveling!”

“I have been wanting one of these for forever and am so glad they were in the kits! Now my toothbrush will always be clean and I don't have to get a Ziplock to put it in while traveling.”


That’s it for the reviews for the HC Survival Kit products! Thank you to all of our sponsors, and remember to Hook ‘Em!!