Great Gifts for Your SOS in Your Life

Christmas time is fast approaching and maybe you don’t know what to get that special someone or platonic friend in your life. Surely, he or she has a long list of things they want, but we certainly shouldn’t ignore what they need. Here’s list of Christmas gift that will certainly check off something on your SOS’s list.



Everyone should have at least  5-7 towels to last over the course of one week. Guys sometimes think it’s okay to get away with having 1 or 2, and will even use their face rag for a prolonged period of time. Don't let your SOS be that person! Get your guy friend a durable set of bath and face towels. He’ll appreciate it next time he showers.


2. Bed Sheets

There is nothing comparable to having good bed sheets. If you’re buying a gift for your lover, you can understand the struggle of not having enough cover to share or the sheets being unbearably thin. No one minds a comfortable chill, but sleeping in sub-zero temperatures with a ratty-tatty comforter never works out in anyone's favor. So, help yourself, and him, to a nice bedding set.


3. Curtains

I have a friend who thumbtacks a Winnie the Pooh bed sheet above her window frame in substitute as a curtain. Do I really to need state how obviously tacky that is?


4. Toiletries and Hair Products

I don't know about you, but I would be extremely happy if someone gifted me a few months supply of lotion, body wash, toothpaste or edge control. This may sound like a trivial gift, but toiletries are essential to good grooming, therefore essential to everyone with great hygienic standards!


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