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Get Your Creative Juices Flowing: How to Break Your Creative Block


Lately, I’ve been getting a big burst of creativity BLOCK. I sit outside or lay on my bed, thinking about what I could write for this week’s article or what I could create for my portfolio and practice my craft. With all this thinking, I have no clue about either of these things. Though I just started the process of getting my creative juices flowing, I wanted to share the tips I’ve learned with you :)

Tap Into Your Thoughts

Introspection or as many people would say, “Look within”. Though we would all love to put out fantastic work as simple as 1-2-3, it may not always work like that. We all deal with problems that eventually drain our creativity, and the best advice I could give you would be to get in touch with yourself (i know it’s easier said than done). There are many creative blocks from mental to emotional (you can read more about the various types here). With that said, it’s essential to ask yourself questions such as “What is making me feel unmotivated?”, “What is blocking my creativity?”, etc. 

Search For Inspo

Books. Movies. Music. Pinterest. Instagram. Nature. Art Galleries. Museums. (if you decide to go out, social distance and wear a mask, please, thank you :’)). The list can go on and on. Online or Offline, the world is full of inspiration. We tend to get a spark of creativity or motivation when seeing other bodies of work. 

Write It Down

I usually get an idea and turn it down quickly due to not thinking it’s good enough or getting an idea, and since I didn’t write it down, I forget it. The moral of the story (like the subtitle states), write it down! No idea is a bad idea. Some of the best ideas came from doodles or a freewrite! 

Break Down Your Negative Thoughts

As I said previously, I gravitate to self-doubting my work. You might’ve heard of the quote, “You’re your worst critic” and to me, that quote is 100% true. Practicing self-love and positivity will, for sure, be vital in letting go of the bad thoughts. If you need help starting, feel free to read Joceline Altamirano’s (HC Texas Member) article on self love and positivity reminders.

Connect With Other Creatives

Connecting with people is incredibly helpful. With COVID in place, try to create friendships with creatives through social media; this helps you share ideas and find inspiration. You may even find yourself getting helpful feedback and tips.

Unplug & Relax

With all of this, sometimes, all we need is a break. Shutdown technology for a bit and take a walk outside or rest. With mostly all classes being online, it can be exhausting staring at a screen for most of the day. I’ve noticed that spending time outside has given me an extreme refresher and makes me feel recharged to take on whatever task I have to do next. It’s okay to have creative blocks, we’re human, and it happens to the best of us. Take time and unwind.

Ashley Guzman is studying Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin. In her free time you can catch her exploring with family/friends and/or working on graphics.
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