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With finals season it's easy to stay busy and freak out over all the assignments, projects, and exams you have due. I know my roommates and I have been stressed and nonstop grinding this week. Although it's a busy time, I’d like to remind students to take care of themselves also. Here are a few quick and simple ways to take a breather during finals.

Watch a TV show or movie

In between class and studying, I love to take a break while watching a show or movie. It's a nice reward and takes my mind off school to focus on the drama unwinding in front of me!

Go for a walk

I’m not the walking type, but I know a lot of people suggest going for a walk is a great way to clear your mind and spend some time outside with nature. It doesn't have to be long, it can just be a walk to the store, to get some food or just to go around the block!

Have some coffee/tea

Yes, caffeine helps a lot when you’re swamped with work and slightly panicking. Also, having some hot tea or a warm beverage, in general, is so comforting. Even though it's not cold, I made myself some hot cocoa to drink while working. It was amazing. I recommend it.

Take a nap

I usually don’t take naps because I feel like it's time out of my day I could be doing something else. However, sometimes you REALLY need a nap especially if you pull all-nighters or have been working all day. So stop being stubborn like me and take that nap. You deserve it!

Do some self-care

Take time to do a face mask, have a bath, paint your nails, or even do your makeup! Honestly, do what you enjoy. It’ll be a nice break while you step away from your laptop, desk, or work.

Alexis is a senior journalism major at the University of Texas At Austin. She enjoys writing about pop culture, entertainment, beauty and food. IG: @ave_lexi
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