Five Ways to Add More Holiday Cheer to your 2020

This holiday season has been a little harder than usual to get into, with 90 degree days and isolation. Here are some easy and cheap tips to brighten up your holiday season at home:

  1. 1. Hit Up the Target Dollar Section

    Balling on a budget as a college student who loves the holiday season has never been easier, thanks to iconic dollar sections in stores like Target. Adding little wreaths, a tiny Christmas tree or fall colored decorative pillows make for feeling the holiday spirit in a big way.

  2. 2. Binge Holiday Must-Sees

    There is no better time than the cold season to snuggle into comfy clothes and binge all the things that make you feel warm inside. New favorites on Netflix include The Princess Switch 2: Switched Again, Holidate, and the new series Dash and Lily! The combinations and possibilities are endless. 

  3. 3. Update Your Winter Wardrobe

    Even if this only includes unpacking your winter clothes from boxes at the back of your closet and hanging them up, getting dressed in cute clothes each day is proven to help Zoom fatigue and make it feel like it is actually fall. 

  4. 4. Transition Your Food to Fall

    My Trader Joe’s obsession has only grown while starting the holidays in a pandemic. Giant champagne bottles, pumpkin coffee, hot chocolate sticks, and Jingle Jangle are just a few of the many winners I have indulged in even in these starting months of the holiday season. Switching everyday items to holiday flavors is the easiest way to make your days more festive. 

  5. 5. Create or Follow a Vibey Playlist

    Spotify is the best destination for this task. You can search for any specific mood you may be in and find that someone else somewhere in the world has created something for you. Take time during the break to connect to your favorite fall music roots in artists like the Neighbourhood and Hozier. Starter playlist for reference: