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The Five Friends You’ll Meet During Round Up

Round Up is full of neon, free concerts, and fun times with friends. Round Up is also a great time to make new friends, too! We’ve narrowed it down to the five you’ll mostly likely meet:


1) The Bathroom Line Friend

Get ready to stand in line if you have to use the bathroom at Round Up, because every other girl will have the same idea as you. But don’t worry you’ll make one or even more friends who are also waiting in line! You’ll find this friend tapping their feet, and talking about what boy they are either trying to avoid or get the attention of. Together you can both rant about how impatient you are and how badly you have to pee. Then once you two are up in line you’ll either nicely let her go first or she will let you. You’ll wash your hands together and laugh about how relieved you are you got through that line. You may not run into her ever again but you’ll always have those sweet moments in line for the bathroom!


2) The Friend You’ll Bond Over Food With

This girl hasn’t eaten in “daysssssss” and could not be more excited to get her grub on. Of course you completely agree with her because all you had time for this morning was a granola bar and let’s face it you need more fuel than a granola bar can give you for Round Up. Whether you run into this friend at Chipotle, Big Bite, waiting for a table at Pluckers, or one of the many sorority philanthropy events involving food, this is her “favorite thing to eat!!!” Together you two fantasize about the food that is so close to your stomach, and rant about how you think your stomach is almost eating itself. You both swear this is going to be the best meal of your life, but once your food arrives you two separate and begin to eat the feast you’ve been waiting for.


3) The Squished in the Front Row Friend

Whether you like it or not you are pressed against this new friend, but hey! She doesn’t smell so what a great icebreaker? You guys both realize that you are huge fans of the performer which is why you would put yourself through the body heat you both are experiencing being squished near the front of the stage. This performer sings both of “your songs” from back when you were either in middle school or maybe even elementary school (Chamillionaire I’m talking to you, we all know ‘Ridin Dirty’ came out when I was in 5th grade). You guys both talk about what time you heard the performer was actually coming on stage at and apologize for pushing into each other as the crowd pushes you. Once the performer comes on you two will freak out together and sing along to your favorite lyrics, funny dramatic facial expressions included. Chances are even after the performance you’ll catch this friend on the dance floor because they are a lover of all music with a catchy beat.


4) The Friend Who Somehow is From the Same Town as You

You’re from a town east of Dallas? So is this new friend! You both will be in disbelief that you have never met because it is like best friend love at first sight! Together you reminisce about all the great things about your hometown, whether it be that guy at that one gas station that would always creep you out, or that local Mexican restaurant that just does not compare to anywhere in Austin. You will ask each other if you know any of the same people and insist on friending each other on Facebook so you can check out your mutual friends. You both are overly excited due to the adrenaline of Round Up and commit to hanging out over the summer all the time when you are both in town (which chances are will not happen, but hey it’s the thought that counts!).


5) That One Frat Guy You Become Buddy Buddy With

While all other frat guys will be creeping on you during Round Up this one guy just wants to be your friend. Maybe he is working as an anti-wingman to keep the creepers off you, or as a wingman to introduce you to his cute friends. Either way this guy became your best friend and you do not ever want to let him go! This friendship goes both ways as you will protect him from overly obnoxious girls, and introduce him to your friends as well (but he’s your new friend, so he can’t leave you yet!). Together you laugh about the shenanigans happening around you and maybe realize you had a class together once. Sadly, once you leave the frat he is in your friendship ends, but maybe only for a short period of time until you find yourself back at that same frat house again! I mean what is Round Up if you don’t go from frat house to frat house?

Happy Round Up! 

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