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Eric & Olivia

Coming from different cities, completely different majors, and two totally different musical backgrounds, Olivia Applegate and Eric Nikolaides have come together to form an unlikely musical duo. Together, the two freshmen take their diverse musical backgrounds to create what they like to call a “new bluesy type of music” incorporating both of their musical elements. The two often perform at Atones on 5th street and will be setting the stage at the University Co-Op’s Texas Revue 2011.

Pianist and Cellist Olivia Applegate studies Theatre Arts and Liberal Arts here at UT, and she also has participated in the theatre productions offered here. Although she plays instruments, she loves singing and admires vocalists Adele and Norah Jones.  Her love for music stems from landing a solo in preschool, and it has continued to be a part of her life even after moving from Kingwood, Texas to Austin.

Originally from Cincinnati, Eric Nikolaides came to the University of Texas to major in Spanish and is a DJ for KVRX student radio. He plays a few instruments but his main focus is on the guitar. After being introduced to blues music by his father Nikolaides became active in the blues community in his town. He currently sidelines for local musician “Blind Orange Jefferson” and is inspired by some of his favorite artists such as John Coltrane. 

The two met through a mutual friend who knew of both their passions for music. From that point on, their musical journey together began. While they both were interested in different types of music, they managed to come to a compromise of a blues, soul, and contemporary sound of music.  They enjoy playing renditions of Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers and My Favorite Things from the Sound of Music track, which happens to be Nikolaides’ favorite. Applegate finds Daydreamer by Adele to be her favorite song the two perform.  The duo hopes to begin recording music in the near future and also hopes to get more gigs. Although the two mesh well together, they also hope to get a full band as well. Olivia and Eric’s passion for music is genuine, and with their ambition to succeed, these two have nowhere to go but up. 

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