DIY Halloween Projects

Although it may not feel like it with the 80 degree weather, fall has arrived, and spooky season is here! Unfortunately, along with the arrival of fall, midterms are quickly approaching, and many of us are feeling overwhelmed, and in desperate need of a quick pick me up. Well, I have some DIY Halloween projects for you that will be a great way to spend a study break, and get you in the mood for all of your plans for the spookiest month of the year!


Treat yourself, or party guests, to a witch’s potion drink! This recipe only calls for six ingredients and can easily be put together in a matter of minutes.


Another yummy recipe that does not require much work! This takes the classic muddy buddy recipe, and spices it up with some Halloween treats included to make your movie night snacks festive. The thing I love about this recipe is that you do not have to follow the same candies that it calls for, and you can add your own favorites to make a tasty treat!


I promise I have more than just food DIY’s, but this one was too clever not to list! This one requires a bit more work than the previous two, however, it will be sure to be a festive addition to your Halloween party.


This project requires ten steps, and items that you most likely have lying around your dorm or apartment right now. Make some trash bag spiderwebs to decorate your place, and save money instead of buying the overpriced ones from the store!


This is a nice project to take on, because it is fairly easy, and once it is complete you have a lovely smelling sugar scrub to use and enjoy!


This project might not be as easy as the others, however, I think it is just too cute not to include in this list! If you know how to use a sewing machine then this project could be perfect for you to make some cheap and decorative coasters for this fall.


This project teaches you how to make your own light up spooky mason jar for Halloween. You only need six items to create this craft, and a bit of time to complete it. This would be a fun thing to do with friends to create cheap decorations for your apartment or dorm room.