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Leaf Bowl



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Leaves (real or fake)


Plastic wrap

Mod podge

Sponge brush


1.Cover the inside of the bowl with the plastic wrap

2.Paint mod podge onto a leaf, and press the leaf onto the plastic wrap in the bowl. Repeat with various leaves, overlapping as you go. Continue until the bowel is completely covered.

Tip: Make sure to smooth down any excess glue so the finished product will dry smooth and even.

3. Cover the wet leaves with more plastic wrap on top and press down on the leaves to smooth out and flatten them to help them stick together.


4. Once you feel like the leaves will stay together on their own, without the help of the top layer of plastic wrap, remove the wrap and let the leaves dry.


5. Once dry, carefully peel off the plastic wrap off of the finished product and VOILA!


Sunflower Hanging Ball



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Photo Credit



Styrofoam ball

Brown yarn or twine or string

Fake sunflowers


1. Wrap the styrofoam ball 2-3 times around and tie to secure using the yarn, twine or string. (this will be the string to hang the finished product)


2. Push the stem of 1 of the sunflowers through the string around the styrofoam to keep it in place.


3. Push the rest of the flowers into the foam ball to cover the entire styrofoam ball (make sure no parts of the styrofoam ball are visible)

Tip: If the flowers are not going to stay on their own, use a hot glue gun and hot glue the flowers onto the styrofoam)


4. Hang the finished product wherever you like and VOILA!


Mason Jar Craft



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Mason jar

Leaves (real or fake)

Mod Podge

Twine or raffia

Sponge brush



1. Apply mod podge onto a leaf and press it along the inside of the jar.


2. Apply more mod podge onto the back of the leaf to help it stick onto the glass flat.


3. COntinue to add leaves to cover the entire jar and let dry.


4. Tie a piece of twine or raffia onto the rim of the jar and VOILA!

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