The Defining Decade: A Must Read for College Grads

Movies like 13 going on 30 and shows like New Girl or Friends over glorify your 30s. I say, why wait? Where’d all the hype for your 20s go? The 20s nowadays are like flyover states: irrelevant and easily forgotten. Everyone truly believes things can be accomplished… just later.


Let’s face it. Once you graduate, nobody has any idea what’s going on. There are just certain things college courses haven’t taught you. For instance, is it acceptable to take a gap year and travel before entering the work force? Are you supposed to live with your longtime partner before getting married? Granted, all of these questions are daunting and seem extremely far off. But, the truth is, these contemplations aren’t necessarily in our far future, rather our near future.


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The Defining Decade: Why Your Twenties Matter and How to Make the Most of Them Now by Meg Jay provides some solace for the uneasy grad. This book debunks the ideal that “30 is the new 20,” because well… it’s not.


Meg Jay wrote this book drawing from her 10 plus years of experience working with twentysomethings. She weaves familiar narratives with real tangible advice, helping provide clarity for twentysomethings in his or her own life.


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Now, as a 21 year old, I’m not saying I have an exact path to lead me to greatness just from this book alone. I haven’t even graduated yet. What I am saying is that Meg Jay articulates inevitable scenarios I may encounter in the future and provides ways of navigating this tricky time. Which is better than nothing.

If you want a piece of advice from someone other than your parents, consider purchasing Meg Jay’s The Defining Decade, because why put off the inevitable?