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Dear Santa,

I know Christmas is right around the corner and you are making a list and checking it twice. You don’t even have to tell me, I know I am on the naughty list. But, I can explain. This year has been a little rocky. I may have said a few bad words, been a little rude, or even went to one too many parties, but give me a second chance. I attempt to hold doors open for others, say ma’am or sir, and I even eat my vegetables…sometimes (that’s not the point lol). I feel like the attempt to be nice should count. If you would reconsider your decision that would be greatly appreciated. Here’s my Christmas list just in case: 

  • Air Fryer
  •  Car
  • White Gogo Boots
  •  Lots of gifts cards
  • Care Packages

PS: If my friends are on the nice list…yeah we were at those parties together so if they can make it I can too!!!

Hi I'm Dajaiya I also go by DJ. I am UT 26 so I'm a freshman yayy. I enjoy writing short stories, poetry, and empowering messages. IG: @_.mulann._