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Cruisin’ to Cozumel

While Texas may not have white sanded beaches and blue waters, if you travel just a bit further down towards Mexico, you'll find tons of sparkling waters! I went on a four-day cruise to Cozumel over winter break where I got to spend a day (during the cold winter break) on a sunny beach. 

For anyone going on a cruise in the future to the Carribean, I recommend the powerboating excursion! You get to speed around the blue waters in your own boat for about an hour. It was a completely exhilarating experience because of the boats bouncing treacherously up and down on the waves. 

For those of you looking to plan a trip with your friends, why not a cruise? I'll share a couple perks here:

  • Endless food! There's a 24-hour food area with pizza, deli, and drinks. Then there's the option of three course breakfast, lunch, and dinners or buffet style for all three meals. You'll forget what hunger even feels like!
  • Fun room service- I'm not sure if they do this for other cruise lines, but on Carnival, you get little towel animals every night and the rooms are pretty nice! The service people is also super friendly.
  • Tons of free entertainment- shows, karaoke, free drinks, live music, contests, and more!

Been on a cruise? Share with us!

Bernice Chuang is a fourth year double majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Communication Studies-Human Relations and doing the Business Foundations Program (aka business minor) at the University of Texas at Austin. Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Bernice is a fan of good country music and yummy barbeque! At UT, Bernice is a resident assistant at an all-female residence hall and currently serves as a senator representing her residence hall, Kinsolving, on the Resident Assistant Association. She also leads a small group bible study for Asian American Campus Ministries and sings with her campus ministries’ a cappella group. When she’s not juggling her various roles and commitments, Bernice enjoys exploring downtown Austin, shopping with her fellow RA staff members, reading books on faith and spirituality, learning how to cook and tackling various dessert recipes, and spending quality time with friends.
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