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Brave the Shave: Veronica’s Story

When you think about superheroes or celebrities we think of those that have appeared on the big screen, but in reality they are the ones who are currently sitting next to us in class, ordering their meal at the Student Activity Center, or simply studying for their next exam at the library.

This collegiette heroine saw an immense amount of need amongst cancer patients. The loss of their hair creates a decrease in self-esteem and for people like Veronica Rivera, donating a big part of herself to alleviate the sadness of these patients, is heroic in all senses of the word.
Veronica is a third year political communications major and a part of Sigma Lambda Gamma Sorority, Inc., Latino Leadership Council, Student Government, and LULAC. Her kind heart and spirit have inspired a great deal of students across campus, including her sorority sister who donated her hair as well.
Although, this idea wasn’t something she one day woke up with. When she was in high school, her cousin’s girlfriend was diagnosed with breast cancer and since she couldn’t afford the treatment, her family along with her cousin’s began fundraising as much as they could to cover most of the expenses. Since her family had always struggled financially, Veronica felt like there wasn’t much she could do to help.
“I felt that there was always something I could do, but never really knew what,” Veronica said.
After a long year of pondering over whether to cut her hair and shave her head in order to donate it and raise awareness, she finally decided to do it. On April 13,Veronica sat in a salon chair in front of the UT tower and in a matter of seconds, a pair of sharp scissors cut her beautiful strands of hair and were later sealed in a bag to donate.
The St. Baldrick’s Foundation will soon be receiving her beautiful locks and creating a wig that will make a cancer patient smile.


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