Body Positive Art

I feel that as a woman in today’s society accepting your body, and loving it for everything that it is, is very important. I like to use art as an outlet for my feelings, so I felt that doing a collection of paintings and drawings to represent body positivity was very fitting.


This piece portrays a woman laying down on her back with her knees bent in. I painted this with the use of multiple lines overlapping each other to symbolize the different sizes and shapes of women. No two women are the same, and there is no one way to paint a woman.



This painting has different interpretations based on the different angles it can be viewed. In one direction it can appear to be a pair of lips, and in another direction it can be resemble a woman’s vagina. This painting should empower women to be proud of every part of themselves.



This mixed media art piece was created a few years ago, by myself and a friend of mine from high school. This is a portrait of myself and at the time it was created, I was not proud of the piece because all of my insecurities were portrayed such as, the scar on my face, my nose and my natural body figure. Looking at this piece now, I love it because of the imperfections. Due to my imperfections in this piece it shows my natural beauty as a woman.



This image represents the beautiful chaos of the female reproductive system.



Though I’m not perfect

Imperfection is beauty

There’s only one me