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From Bland to BAM: Bring Life to College Dorms and Apartments

College students struggle to adjust to dorm or apartment life in their first years of college. As students transition from home, they have to find a way to create their own “home away from home.” It may seem difficult at first, but luckily we have a few quick crafts and décor tips to make you feel comfortable in your new place.

Sleep is one of the most important things for a college student. It’s obvious that new comfy bedding is an essential. Say goodbye to the bed at home that has been broken in for years and hello to a new flat mattress. A mattress protector will surely add the comfort you’re seeking from your new home. Those lonely nights however can be difficult to adjust to. Having several pillows on the bed not only makes your bed more desirable but it also makes your bed look fuller. Whether it’s a twin or queen, a bed with tons of pillows will appear to be the dwelling of a princess. With the struggles of college, a girl definitely needs her beauty sleep.

Decorations can be pretty expensive these days. It isn’t ideal to spend hundreds of dollars on
décor when we have Pinterest! There are tons of ideas for crafts and even a page for home décor.
You can easily paint a canvas with a quote, picture, or design on it. If you live in a dorm or even
an apartment painting a wall isn’t an option. In order to add color to your wall use the colors
of your bedding on a canvas, or pick an accent color to coordinate with other decorations you
already have.

Another great way to liven up the dreaded white walls of a new space is with photographs. You can buy frames from stores and fill them with pictures of your favorite people. A new trend on the rise in the crafting world is to use what you have. For instance, an old frame could be painted the color of your bedding and hung on the wall. If you want to take it a step further and make the room even more creative, you can pop out the back of the frame and just tape the photos to the wall. This new idea gives a twist to the average hanging picture frame.

Last but not least are flowers. Flowers are great for giving a room life, but they are also hard to maintain. Real flowers last a few weeks before stinking up the room and turning brown. However, fake flowers look realistic and give a room the same touches without the maintenance. Dollar stores usually have extremely cheap flowers that you can set up all over your room. Flowers are making a comeback in handbags, paints, and shirts so why not bring that trend into your living space?

There are various ideas awaiting college girls on the Internet. You don’t necessarily have to be a master-crafter to pull a lot of these ideas off. Being away from home can be tough but with a little hard work you can feel right at home in no time.

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