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Winter is quickly approaching (maybe not in Texas) and we are (starting) to bring out our winter clothing. Why not bring out winter nail polish as well? These five colors should get you in the holiday season spirit.


Social Lights – Essie Winter Nail Polish Collection

If you have a glitzy party to attend this winter season, maybe a New Year’s Eve ball or an epic family holiday party, this is the nail polish color for you! This color looks amazing in any light and will really tie an outfit together. Pair it with a glittery black dress and some cute statement heels.


Gelato on my Mind – OPI Lovers Infinite Shine Collection

You might feel some frozen vibes but this ice blue is such a cute way to bring in the winter season. We might not have a white (or blue) holiday season this winter but that doesn’t mean your nails can’t be that color!


Bite Me – Ella + Mila Desire Collection

If you are looking for something to wear to more casual parties where you’ll be wearing jeans, this polish will make your outfit have the most perfect little pop of sparkle. It’s a deep blue with highlights of shimmer. It will look great at night in low lighting, so it is actually the perfect college party polish.


Excuse Me Sir – Essie Spring Collection

Baby pink is kind of the best way to start off a new year. It is classic, traditional, and you really can’t go wrong. It goes with everything and you’ll feel a little more natural.


I’m Not Really a Waitress – OPI Infinite Shine Icons Collection

If there wasn’t a classic sparkly red in this guide, would it really be a winter nail polish guide? This OPI has a nice finish to it and will be great for the entire holiday season. Throw it on December 1st then wear it until December 26th when you switch to a more New Year’s color.


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