The Best Outfits to Rock This Fall

Fall is my absolute favorite season. Yes, I am #basic, but that doesn’t influence it. I love college football, the leaves changing and the weather getting colder (well, not in Texas but other areas of the country). Also, who doesn’t love sweaters, boots and scarves? Below I have compiled some of my all time favorite fall outfits that I’ve worn over the past two years. Maybe you have pieces you can use to recreate them, if not I’ve included links to similar pieces located around the web.


This is the classic “popover” look. A nice red plaid shirt, giving you some holiday vibes, with a thin cable knit sweater thrown over it. The jeans are from GAP, and so comfy. To complete the look rock your duck boots with comfy camp socks. You’ll look like you just got done sipping hot chocolate by a crackling fire.

Sweater, Shirt, Jeans, Boots, Socks


Long sleeve dresses are great for fall in the south because while it might not be blistering cold it isn’t quite 90 degrees either. If it gets really chilly you can throw on some thick tights. Finish the look with a soft scarf, boot socks and a cute pair of leather boots. This look is perfect for a fall brunch with your friends or a trip to your local art museum.

Dress, Scarf, Tights, Boots, Socks

If you’re looking for something a little more put together, this look is for you. I think you could run a non-profit in this outfit - equal parts comfy and professional. It combines jeans, a button down and a fall-colored blazer into a warm look.

Blazer, Shirt, Scarf, Jeans, Boots


I have a serious thing for puffy vest things. Seriously, there are way too many in my closet. But they are great for the south as well because they keep you somewhat warm, but you aren’t sweating to death. You still get that cute fall look without expiring, a win-win. This hunter green button down looks good with jeans, slacks or khakis.

Shirt, Vest, Scarf, Jeans, Boots

Let’s say you are going out on the town with your friends but it gets slightly cold out, this is your outfit. It’s the perfect somewhat sophisticated thing to wear on Rainey. Plus, it’s all black, which is what we wear downtown already. The herringbone skirt compliments cute black booties and maybe you can rock the beret, I’m not sure if it’s me.

Beret, Necklace, Sweater, Skirt, Tights, Boots

If you are interning this fall and it gets cold out, rock this outfit! The skirt was seen in the previous outfit but the orange vest can be a tribute to your Texas Longhorns. Throw on a silk scarf and your black rain boots (if it is going to rain) otherwise put on some cute black flats. Bam! A professional, well put-together fall outfit.

Vest, Shirt, Scarf, Skirt, Boots

If you haven’t noticed by now, a lot of these pieces are being used over and over - aka a capsule wardrobe. It might be a good idea to try something like this for fall! I’m obsessed with my orange pants, but I get if they aren’t your thing. But you can bet I will be wearing them in West Virginia in November. Cowboy boots are great because we go to UT but, you can wear them to other events, not just games. And they keep your feet warm!

Vest, Shirt, Scarf, Pants, Boots