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The Best Graduation Dinner Restaurants


Graduation is coming up for all of our 2018 graduates (myself included). You’ve probably thought about your senior photos, but have you thought about where you’re taking your family for dinner after the momentous occasion? Here are five places to try.

1. Mattie’s at Green Pastures

This beautiful white house in south Austin will impress even your most critical relatives. They have peacocks walking in the yard, delicious fried chicken and the best biscuits in Austin. Make your reservation now as the restaurant fills up regardless of if a major event is going on.

2. Colleen’s Kitchen

If you are looking for one of the most aesthetically pleasing graduation dinners, Colleen’s is where it is. They have millennial pink chairs, an adorable bar and plenty of natural light. Plus, they offer a room that can be private if you have a big family. The restaurant serves southern comfort with a twist, think fried zucchini and deviled eggs.


3. The County Line

Have a big family? Don’t want something really fancy? Love BBQ? This is the restaurant for you. They have two locations in Austin – one down by the river and one up with views of the city. Both are delicious and perfect for big family reservations. This would be perfect if you have a lot of out-of-state friends/family visiting because you can show them Texas BBQ.

4. Matt’s El Rancho

Looking for the classic Austin dinner spot? Matt’s has got you covered; they’ve served the Austin community for over 50 years and continue to do so with strong margaritas, the ability to host huge parties and delicious salsa. This is the place to take your grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins to show them how good Tex-Mex in Austin can be.

5. Torchy’s

Okay, you might be thinking, I thought this was a graduation dinner list. But wouldn’t a Torchy’s taco cap off your journey as a University of Texas at Austin student? You’ve probably eaten them countless times and it seems there is something iconic about eating a taco, dressed up in your cap and gown. Just me? I think that would make a great Instagram. Also, who doesn’t want a taco after going to an extremely long event where you sat and heard a bunch of people sleep while possibly hungover? Tacos it is!

Hopefully these have helped you begin to think about your graduation dinner. If you already have a spot, where are you having it?

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