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Best Fragrances for the Summertime

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Summer is near and it’s time to retire those fragrances that remind us of the holiday season. During the summer my ideal scents include anything floral, with hints of vanilla and of course an overall fresh vibe that will exude summer energy. After testing out multiple scents, I have created a conclusive list of fragrances that I think are worth the purchase.

  1. Sol de Janiero: Brazilian Crush Cheirosa ’62

This fragrance mist smells like salted caramel and pistachio, which does sound a bit strange, however, the combination of these two makes for the perfect combination of a summertime scent. As the name implies, it’ll make you think of basking beneath the glorious sun on a nice Brazilian beach.

  1. Pacifica: Island Vanilla

The perfume can easily be found at Target or Ulta and is one of the best vanilla scents I have ever smelt. Ever since the warm weather had begun to take hold of us, I have found myself reaching for the perfume constantly due to its heavenly vanilla scent. 

  1. Ralph Lauren: Ralph

This scent is something people with more a mature taste in fragrance will love, however, it still is a very pleasant scent that I enjoy. This has both a fruity and floral fragrance that’ll leave you smelling amazing for hours! I find myself using this perfume when I have professional meetings to attend because of how mature this fragrance is.

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