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The Beginning of Spring According to HBO Characters

It’s officially spring! Even though Austin weather seems to still be a little bit confused about that… How do you ever know when to wear shorts or a jacket in this city?! While Texas weather continues on its quest to be utterly confusing on a daily basis, we Longhorns have finally had a handful of chances to break out the spring florals and flip-flops. There is a lot to be said about spring: finals approaching, nice weather, spring flings, spring cleaning, the list goes on and on. So let’s let characters from our favorite HBO shows like Girls, Game of Thrones, True Blood, and more help us express how we feel about the beginning of spring!


It is finally spring!!!


People keep saying, “We still have like a month of school left.”

But all you can think about is spring flings


And spring clothing

But no one does florals quite like Carrie Bradshaw.


And getting one step closer to school being over


Sure maybe once a week you start thinking about finals approaching…


And summer seems just out of reach


But just shake it off! Because it is finally spring you guys


Do something to celebrate!


Like throwing a dinner party with spring fresh food


And having a dance party to finally wear your warm weather dress


So, get to welcoming spring back here on the forty acres



And it enjoy it while you can!


I am Corisa but a lot of my friends call me Cori! I feel like the real life Hannah Horvath from Girls.
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