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Austin To Do’s If You Haven’t Already

As a graduating senior, I’m starting to get rather nostalgic, especially about leaving the city of Austin. Austin has been my home for four straight years (including every summer). So as an old sage, I hope to impart some wisdom on other Longhorns before I depart for good. I’ve conjured up a list of places to go and things to do in Austin for y’all.


  1. Matt’s El Rancho

If you haven’t been here I just feel sorry for you. Aside from great margs, good vibes, and killer queso the food here is really good. The only downside is Matt’s usually has a pretty long wait time, but it’s always worth it.




2) The Green Belt

The Green Belt is a fun outdoorsy activity, if you’re into that kind of stuff. Grab a friend and a water bottle and go out and explore! Below is a photo I took myself. I found a little beach with some friends. People were cliff jumping right next to us. The Green Belt is a great way to enjoy the nice Austin weather.



3) 360 Overlook

The 360 bridge provides the perfect place to sit and relax. Overlooking the water and a nice golf course, 360 overlook is a hot spot in Austin. Pro tip: go at sunset. There’s absolutely nothing better than a great sunset and 360 has some of the best. Here’s another photo I took visiting this spot.


4) The Domain

For all things food and shopping the Domain is the spot for you. Culinary Dropout is a fun spot. Honestly, the Domain sells itself so make sure to visit sometime.




5) South Congress

This is by far one of the most Austin-ish places in Austin. From authentic foods to fun pop-up shops, South Congress has just about everything. My new favorite restaurant, Joann’s Fine Foods, is on this street. Make sure to order the nachos. So good. Perla’s is also a great place to post up for a nice day. Also, check out The Cove if you’re in need of some cute new clothes.





6) DKR

Darrell K. Royal stadium during Football season is the best place to be. The energy cannot be beat. Die hard Longhorn fans are the best fans out there. So if you haven’t gone to a game already, go as soon as possible!



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