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  Dunkin is better than Starbucks. This may be an unpopular opinion,  however, it is a hill I will die on. After being on a campus that essentially only serves Starbucks, this belief system has only been reinforced. Back in my hometown, I would always drive to the local Dunkin and get a medium iced coffee with caramel, cream, and sugar. This was the highlight of my day and I was never disappointed. It came as shock to me when I discovered that there was not a Dunkin near my campus. I was basically heartbroken. When I tried to replicate this order at the coffee shops around campus, I was met with utter disappointment. Not only is the taste of these drinks abysmal, but so is the fact that I end up paying nearly triple the price of what I usually end up paying at Dunkin. Growing up, I had been a Starbucks girl, but once a Dunkin opened near me I was converted after experiencing total euphoria once I had my first sip of  Dunkin iced coffee. I now yearn for the days when I can drink my iced coffee from Dunkin, but alas I am stuck drinking iced coffee from Starbucks. While visiting the east coast this past summer, I was astonished at the fact that they had a Dunkin on basically every street corner. Was this heaven? I made sure to take advantage of this opportunity and had an iced coffee every day I was there. Although I may have had close to ten cups of coffee over the span of a week, my Dunkin obsession only grew stronger. For now, I can only long for the days that I get to take a refreshing sip of my Dunkin order.

I am a business student at The University of Texas at Austin who wants to go into marketing. I would love to eventually produce marketing campaigns for the beauty or fashion industry. I am passionate about writing, fashion, and business!
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