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Affirmations for Female History Majors

I belong here

Yes, always! You’re worthy of an education and one in the field of history. As Malala Yousafzai brilliantly said, “Girls should learn history. And make it.”

I’M a trailblazer

You’re pursuing a degree in the humanities, and despite what your friends or relatives say, you will go on to achieve great feats! Don’t let others tear down your accomplishments or area of study. Take pride in your history degree whether you end up as a writer, professor, museum curator, etc.

I will make history

Yes, we will make history. We will work tirelessly towards a more inclusive and diverse history!

Justice Morris is a freshman history major at the University of Texas at Austin, also pursuing a Core Texts and Ideas certificate. Justice loves to write, both for Her Campus and The Liberator, and shares her thoughts on art, literature, film, and more! When she is not writing, she enjoys taking care of her plants, trips to Half Price Books, and going to concerts. Instagram:@_.pajartia._