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SPOILER ALERT: If you have not read It Ends with Us by Colleen Hoover, stop reading now for spoilers.

My recent obsession with romance novels has just begun with my new discovery of Colleen Hoover, an author of young adult fiction and romance novels, or my literal soulmate. Like many other of my ideas, the idea to read the famous iconic book It Ends with Us, popped up on my TikTok fyp. It Ends with Us is a romance novel focused on the true backgrounds behind an abusive relationship and how it can affect both sides of a relationship.

The novel follows the relationship of Lily Bloom and Ryle Kincaid and how time and past experiences have changed their actions in their relationship. Lily grew up with an abusive father that constantly abused his mother where she could see and experience the hurt next to her mother. With the help of young love, Atlas, Lily was able to push through her high school year until she experienced heartbreak and depression following Atlas’ departure. The book originates on the day of Lily’s father’s funeral when she meets someone who will change her life forever, Ryle Kincaid. Little did Lily know, Ryle had a violent childhood himself. Lily and Ryle’s relationship is like many others, romanticized to the perfect new and edgy relationship that any girl could dream of. Ryle is described as a tall, brilliant and gorgeous neurosurgeon that Lily finds very attractive, especially in scrubs. However, as the book progresses Lily comes to find herself in the worst position she ever imagined. Growing up, not only did Lily hate her father for abusing his mother, but hated her mother for not leaving him when she could. But, she now realized what her mother was going through as Lily was now being the wife that was abused. Gone through many abusive accidents with Kyle she could not bring herself to leave this man. I do not want to spoil any more than I should for future readers but Lily went through an extreme amount of mental abuse for not allowing herself to leave while judging other people from the past.

This novel teaches us not only as a partner but as a woman to not only understand the physical abuse but the mental abuse that these women go through. It takes both a lot of courage and braveness to leave a relationship that is causing you to go through much abuse whether it is because of love or fear. It ends with us was the best romance novel book that I have read in years that represents the light and dark sides of relationships while teaching the reader how to understand any person going through this type of violence.

P.S. Please expect more of my Colleen Hoover obsession very soon

If you are someone or know someone in danger of domestic abuse please contact the National Domestic Violence Hotline

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