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A Letter To Women About Your Education

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.
This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Dear women,

It’s been only been less than 100 years since the 19th amendment was passed allowing women to vote in the U.S. This movement began before the Civil War, and even before then, women from all over the world of all religions and cultures have fought for the right to be human. Think about this: as recently as the year 1972 were women in America given the right to an education free from sex discrimination. Think of your grandmothers and their mothers — maybe even your mother at that time. Remember their rights and their sadness about not getting to pursue knowledge that should be free to everyone regardless of gender, religion, or culture. Even now, women are still fighting every day for the right to read, learn, and make their forces heard.

This is a reminder that even when the classes get tough and you’re struggling with that Chem 2 assignment, your next art piece, feeling lazy about doing your next Latin American studies reading or studying for your calculus exam: you are that b*tch, in the best way possible. So do it: finish those assignments, study hard, pass your exams, and don’t give up because as tired as you get, those women who fought for you and continue to fight are so proud of who you are becoming and getting ready to show the world. I know it’s crazy to wonder how your voice or education could even matter on a large scale of things, so don’t think about it; you won’t get far that way. Just know taking the world one assignment or interview, and marching for what you believe in one step at a time is enough when you all do it together. Your education is something you’ve worked so hard for! Don’t stop now, and even after keep working to be the change you want to see and who you want to inspire others to be.

This Women’s History Month, remember the great women who wanted that seat in the class you have today.

— Abby

P.S. Love yourself, your education, and each other.

Abygail Pulido is a 2nd year at the University of Texas at Austin honing her craft for writing and pursuing her love for reading with a double major in English and Rhetorical Writing, she is also pursuing a certificate in Creative Writing. She is currently interning at the Harry Ransom Center in Visual Materials where she is learning about the curation process of exhibits and helping select class material. Abby's goal for her articles is to make academic and political topics digestable and fun to read. She loves Her Campus at Texas because its helped her to develop a voice and gain a connection with wonderful and diverse writers.