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I’ve never been in a relationship. Sure, there have been boys, but never an actual, real relationship. To me, being in a relationship requires a lot of confidence in yourself and in the other person. It used to bum me out that all my friends have experienced having that special someone, but I realized that I’m not ready to make that commitment yet. Building confidence isn’t exactly easy, and it takes two people who are really sure of themselves to make a relationship work

Eventually, everyone will find that person whom they share an ultimate connection with, but in the meantime, being single is not the end of the world. In honor of National Singles’ Day on September 23rd, I wanted to share some reasons why I love being single.

Personal growth: Many people who are single force themselves to be in a relationship because of convenience, peer pressure, status, and much more when in fact the best thing for them is to stay single. Personal growth stems from being in a relationship with yourself, and understanding what you like and don’t like when it comes to being in a committed relationship. There’s a wealth to be discovered about oneself when alone—exploring hobbies, trying new experiences, and, most crucially, learning to love oneself. Dedicating time to do things that bring joy can have a significant impact on one’s well-being. If being in a relationship hinders the pursuit of personal happiness, perhaps it’s time to cultivate a deeper relationship with oneself.

Compromise: Being in a relationship undoubtedly requires a significant amount of compromise, and if one isn’t ready to make such commitments, the relationship can naturally deteriorate. Often, a partner unwilling to compromise can inadvertently neglect the other’s needs and desires, leading both partners to drift apart. On the flip side, being single entails minimal compromise—the biggest decision might be agreeing on a restaurant with friends. The journey of compromise is closely tied to personal growth. Learning to love oneself is interwoven with the confidence developed in making decisions. Once ready for a relationship, this newfound confidence can help ensure that the wants and needs of both parties are addressed. In the meantime, singlehood offers the freedom to explore one’s desires and maintain self-esteem without external pressures.

Stress and anxiety: Often in a relationship, individuals find themselves concerned about their partner’s feelings and actions, which can lead to overthinking and added stress, especially when one partner struggles with chronic anxiety. If you enter a relationship with chronic anxiety and with a partner who is unsure of how to validate your feelings, it can stir a lot of stress and anxiety. In contrast, being single provides the opportunity to manage anxiety independently and develop self-assurance without relying on external validation. Learning to navigate and calm oneself during anxious moments is a vital skill, beneficial for both single individuals and those in relationships.

Overall, being single is awesome. Learning more about yourself allows you to become the person you actually want to be when the relationship that’s meant to happen, happens. It’s a time where you can explore your interests, and passions, and work on personal development, which can be incredibly rewarding. When the time comes, and the relationship is meant to happen, you’ll have a clear understanding of your needs and desires. So, embrace the journey of singlehood—it’s a unique and invaluable chapter that can help lay the foundation for your overall happiness.

Hi my name is Ashna Haiderali! I am a second year psychology student. I am a passionate writer and advocate for mental health, which is the main reason why I joined HerCampus this year. I want everyone to know that there is someone always in their corner (me!) even if they don't know it. My passion for writing stems from being a reporter on my high school newspaper. My time on that staff allowed me to discipline my writing skills and improve as a writer, which I wish to continue to do through HerCampus!