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7 Crystal Companions for Quarantine

Some of earth’s most striking masterpieces take the form of crystals. While their intricate mineral matrixes and vibrant colors weave patterns of visual beauty, crystals additionally exhibit valuable properties from a metaphysical perspective. Each crystal possesses its own unique chemical makeup and vibrates at its own unique frequency. These characteristics define a crystal’s metaphysical fingerprint, leading them to serve as excellent spiritual companions. Below, I have compiled a list of seven crystals whose soothing energies will offer comfort, love, hope, and light during quarantine. 


Often referred to as the “all-healer” and “nature’s tranquilizer,” amethyst’s stable frequency soothes irritability, dispels fear and anxiety, transmutes energy from negative environments into loving energy, relieves stress and sadness, and activates spiritual awareness. Associated with the crown chakra, amethyst is a great stone for reconnecting with your higher power and opening your heart to divine love. Amethyst, rumored to create a shield of spiritual light around the body, would be a great quarantine companion, soothing the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies. As an added bonus, Amethyst has been used to strengthen the immune system and reduce neural tension.


Agate vibrates at a gentle, low-intensity frequency, harmonizing the mind, body and spirit through cleansing the aura and transforming negative energy. Agate encourages quiet introspection while healing inner tensions, promoting security and confidence, and enhancing cognitive functions. This lovely stone would enhance your quarantine experience through supporting spiritual growth and inviting self-reflection, allowing you to let go of those things which no longer serve you.

Rose Quartz 

Known as the stone of universal love, Rose Quartz stimulates deep inner healing and inspires feelings of peace. Mediating with Rose Quartz encourages unconditional love, purifies and opens the heart, and provides reassurance in times of stress or grief. Incorporating Rose Quartz into your daily life during quarantine will help promote unwavering self-love and strengthen friendships, making it the perfect stone to uplift your spirits during times of immense stress. 


Similar to Rose Quartz, Rubellite opens the heart to knowing, understanding, and accepting universal love. This stone, with its gentle pink and pearly hues, removes worries and fears, promotes abundance, balances aggression, and encourages inspired living. Rubellite may additionally soothe an overly emotional heart and neutralize the harmful effects of electronics, a perfect companion to balance out quarantine’s inevitable Netflix binges.


Amazonite promotes soothing energies through filtering out environmental stress, alleviating fears and worries, and combating emotional depletion. Known as the stone of truth and courage, working with Amazonite balances the body’s masculine and feminine energies and stimulates self-discovery and awareness. Placing Amazonite in your quarantine space will promote good health and empower you to recognize your own self worth and potential.


By far one of my favorite stones, Larimar’s baby blue hues embody the energies of both the sea and the sky. Larimar softens, enlightens, and heals by stimulating feelings of peace, clarity, and relaxation. Meditating with Larimar promotes stress and emotional release, connecting us to a playful, child-like energy. Embracing Larimar as a part of your quarantine routine will allow you to connect with your inner child, restoring a sense of unadulterated serenity.


Finally Jade, with its green clarity, has been used as a protective talisman for centuries, as it promotes harmony and wards off danger. Known as the “dream stone,” working with Jade induces a tranquil, nurturing energy that soothes the mind and releases negative thoughts. Wearing jade additionally attracts good luck and protects against illness, making it the perfect quarantine companion to dissipate harmful energies and manifest universal good. 

May these stones bring magic, hope, and serenity into your homes and hearts. Wherever you are, I am sending love and light.

Chandler is a Junior at UT double majoring in Chinese and English while pursuing a Certificate in Global Management. She is serving as one of Her Campus Texas' Campus Correspondents this year, and adores live music, dogs, friends, and mindful living ♥
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