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6 Reasons Why Having a Dog in College is the Best

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

Faces start lighting up as they see my pup and I approaching on our evening walk through West Campus. Seeing a dog, can make someone’s whole day, especially if you get to pet it.  And while people ooh and aww over my dog as they pet her the same questions always arise: “Oh my gosh! Is she yours?”, “Does she live with you? Here?!”, “How hard is it to have a puppy in college?”. And my answers are always: “Yes she is mine, yes she lives here with me and honestly not that hard!” Having a dog in college can actually be very beneficial and not to mention fun. Here are 6 reasons why:

1. Having a puppy is good exercise

            You are forced to take additional walks other than the ones you take to and from class. You don’t want your animal to be stuck in the walls of your apartment all day, so it is important they get taken on walks to relieve some of their energy, as well as for you to get a little exercise you weren’t getting before.

2. You are never alone

            When all your roommates went out for the night and you’re stuck at home studying, your dog will be right there with you, keeping you company and making you feel safe. Dogs will also always be there for you, when your going through a breakup or want to nap after that all nighter, they will be by your side through it all.

3. Dogs teach responsibility

            From feeding to potty training, there is a lot you are going to have to teach this dog. You will now have to budget their dog food, treats and toys into your expenses. They will also help you stay on top of your schedule since now you have to incorporate another living creature into it.  You will be obligated to come home every night, but if you love them then it will all be worth it. (Added bonus: you’ll never have to walk of shame it home early in the morning again)

4. Mandated study breaks

            Although sometimes when my dog starts nibbling on my toes while I’m trying to study it can seem annoying but it is a chance for me to get up, stretch my legs and play with the dog for a few minutes. Perfect for getting your mind off the agonizing work that is yet to be done.

5. Austin is very dog friendly

            Austin is literally the easiest city to have a dog. There are so many dog friendly places and parks around that make having a dog desirable. Just grab their leash and you can take your furry friends just about anywhere!

6. And hello, coming home to those sweet little faces never gets old

            Opening the door to my four legged furry friend is the best part of my day. Dogs will always be excited to see you no matter how long you were gone, or if you yelled at them earlier. You are their best friend and they love you! Think about how petting a dog for just a few minutes is the highlight of your day, imagine if you got to pet and play with them everyday? Now wouldn’t that just make your whole life?!


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