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With spring finally here, the staple you should be wearing is not florals, it’s denim! I’m not just talking about your favorite pair of skinny jeans that you’ve had since the 8th grade. There are so many other types of denim clothing out there and ladies, it’s time to explore. Chambray shirts, overalls, and vests, oh my!

I would like to take a moment to thank the always fashion-forward French for inventing this material hundreds of years ago (so fabulous and so ahead of their time).  Who would have thought that something made for workers’ clothes would become such a staple in every girl’s closet? Denim is a classic for a reason; no matter what trends come and go, you will always need that special shade of blue. Now take advantage of all this gorgeous weather we’ve been having and layer on that classic denim like it’s going out of style!


My model for these looks was sophomore RTF major Elise Bentley, who manages to always look like she stepped right out of the pages of a fashion magazine. She not only helped me style these amazing outfits, but also took the time to answer a few of my questions about her quirky, yet cool personal style.  

Her Campus Texas: How would you describe your style?

Elise Bentley: Probably the area right in between fashionable and crazy lady. I love costumes and ridiculous vintage pieces so I always have to be careful I don’t walk out of the house looking like I rummaged through a costume box from someone’s attic.

HCTX: Where do you get fashion inspiration from?

EB: Movies and music videos. I love seeing distinct looks or pieces, from film especially, that I can pull inspiration from.

HCTX: What do you love most about denim?

EB: The versatility and casualness it adds to a look. I feel like I have a tendency to overdress or go crazy with my looks so adding jeans or a denim jacket makes any wearable for everyday life!

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