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5 Tips for Getting Back Into the College Grind

  1. Do NOT live in denial and act as if Winter vacation is over. It’s not… Time to log into Canvas, settle your schedule, and yes… begin reading.

  2. Do NOT decide now is the time to go on a technology fast. Even if you’re not taking online courses, you know there are emails and Canvas posts awaiting you.

  3. Do NOT hire someone to take your classes for you or impersonate you in any way. One, it’s against University policy and can you really afford that anyway? 

  4. Do NOT stay up too late and oversleep. It’s time to become reacquainted with your alarm clock and to begin doing your own laundry again.

5. Do NOT get bogged down with the small things! Try to find joy in each task or opportunity presented to you. It may be frustrating or difficult to overcome the winter blues, but little pick me ups planned out for yourself (#Oprah) can help adjust your mindset into a more positive way of thinking!

Mandy Burt

Texas '21

Mandy is a senior studying at the Moody College of Communication.
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