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5 Things That Can Liven Up Your Apartment

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

So I assume that you are pretty settled into your place now. And you have noticed the vibes are a little dull because there was only so much you could pack/bring on your move-in day. But no need to fear! Here are five items that can spruce up your apartment in a cheap, easy way.

1. Throw Pillows

Here me out, throw pillows are so expensive, so I found a way that’s probably cheaper and easier. Step one, you will want to buy the IKEA 20×20 throw pillow inserts for only $4. Once you do that, feel free to pick any set of covers your want from IKEA or Amazon. This route is better because it is cheaper and easier to clean the pillows.

2. Wall Art

 Wall art can be SO expensive. So personally, when I need something cheap and easy, I look at Society 6. They have a massive selection of anything you could be looking for; prints, tapestries, posters, you name it. 

3. Throw Blanket

What is a better excuse to buy another blanket than buying one for your couch? Of course, you can get blankets anywhere, but the key is finding something bright and colorful that can liven up your space.

4. Candles

Just know every week, I am in the candle aisle at Target, hunting down my new scent for the month. Of course, candles can be expensive depending on where you’re shopping, but Target has a great variety of scents and different prices, to the point where I’m sure you’ll find something you love.

5. Board Games

Even though you may not play board games, having some on display in your entertainment console or if you have storage in your coffee table can give a fun, fresh look to your space. And a bonus if you are entertaining guests, you can pop a board game out and play.

Whether you’re thinking of investing in sprucing up your place, I suggest even a little something to get you out of your room and into the living area because, after all, you’re paying for the place.

Talisa Trevino is a Sophomore (2025) Journalism major and Government minor at The University of Texas. She is interested in politics, health & wellness, and international relations. Her hobbies include; reading, playing video games, watching TV, and running.