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5 Things To Do This Weekend at State Fair

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Texas chapter.

For some reason, classes will still be held this Friday. There seems to be a huge mistake in the UT calendar this year. The major holiday is finally here: the Texas Oklahoma game in Dallas, Texas. Prepare for Austin evacuation because this city will become a ghost town. Most of the city’s biggest fans pack in cars and speed to Dallas for some good times with good friends watching great football.


Here is a list of five things you CAN’T miss at the Texas State Fair this weekend:


1)   Find Big Tex

Big Tex is a monumental man here in Texas. You can’t miss him… he’s huge. After his slight setback in 2012 (he may or may not have burned to the ground) he’s back and better than ever. Make sure to stop by and grab a photo!



2)   Fletcher’s Corn dogs

If you step foot on the ground of the State Fair you simply can’t pass up a Fletcher’s corn dog. For some reason, they’re fantastic. You can get any kind of fried snack at the fair (including fried chicken skin), but these corn dogs are top of the line. Speaking of lines, the lines for Fletchers are long but worth the wait.




3)   Ferris Wheel

The State Fair has the legendary Texas Star Ferris Wheel. It has an overall height of 212 feet and was the tallest Ferris wheel in North America… until 1985. Although it may not be the tallest, it’s still pretty cool. You can also see right into the Cotton Bowl and see the great divide of fandom from high in the sky.





4)   Ride the rides


The fair has so many games. I really can’t capture them all in words. My personal favorite: the chair swings. You have to see all the games, rides, and fun for yourself!






This weekend more than any other the main attraction at the fair is the burnt orange players inside the Cotton Bowl. Rankings don’t matter during this game. It’s pure heart during the Red River Rivalry. Hook ‘em horns!