5 Things to Argue About on Facebook (That Don’t Involve Politics)

Political tensions have never been worse, and we certainly see that with the current election (early voting started Monday, October 22; go vote)! Beto versus Cruz, blue versus red, Austin versus the entire state of Texas, and so on. This post is in no way to disparage the importance of political debate and activism. However, I am tired of seeing the SAME political rants! It’s fall, let’s “spice” things up! Here are my suggestions to shake things up on your Facebook timeline!


  1. Toilet Paper: Over or Under I know I can’t understand the way a serial killer’s mind works, but there’s an uncanny desire that drags me to Wikipedia trying to learn more and more. I’m on Team Over and can’t help but wonder about the psyche of the “under” crowd. What is the relationship with your mom like and why do you wish to see so many people suffer? 

  2. Best Barbecue in Central Texas I’m a Native Austinite and I’ve been eating awesome barbecue long before hipsters descended upon our streets declaring Franklin’s the end all be all of BBQ. Now, I’m not crazy; I absolutely love Franklin’s, but my heart will always be with who I consider the OG, Louie Mueller BBQ! My husband and I had our wedding reception there and when the time comes, we’ll probably have a BBQ sauce birth (not water) there as well. I’ll bite down on one of their to die for beef ribs. Of course, you can’t forget about Kreuz, Black’s, Smitty’s, La Barbecue, Salt Lick, Southside Market, Freedman’s, Lamberts, Valentina’s, Stiles Switch, Micklethwait, Kerlin, and so on… Oh, you’re Vegan? Bevo says the turf at DKR is delicious… 

  3. Which is the best Harry Potter house? Obviously Slytherin is the worst. The people who argue otherwise are probably the same people who put TP upside down. Gryffindors are an obvious choice for best, but I find their hubris to be offputting and just too mainstream. I can’t better articulate why Hufflepuffs are the best better than this article found on Pottermore, Why You Should Fall in Love with a Hufflepuff. Fun fact about me is that I was sorted in House Hufflepuff by the real Sorting Hat used in the movies! There are also the Ravenclowns or something... I stopped listening after I began talking about Hufflepuffs. 

  4. Batman vs. Superman Okay, yes, Superman has magical powers and can use x-ray vision to look at women’s underwear, but Batman could be a REAL person, and therefore I could be Batman or more appropriately, Bat-Mandy! Also, Batman movies are more entertaining than Superman movies… yep, even the Joel Schumacher ones. There, I said it. 

  5. Beef Jerky vs. Backyard Safari Animal Caller Okay, so this isn’t a common argument, but my husband and I had a pretty intense, ahem, discussion about whether or not a $6,214 bag of Beef Jerky was better than my innocent purchase of the Backyard Safari Animal Caller. Okay, so it wasn’t one of my more practical purchases, but it cost the same amount of the beef jerky which was gone in less than a day! At least my item is reusable! We refer to this epic argument as “The Beef Jerky Incident of 2016” and I think it ended in a draw.

Writer’s Note: Not everyone we know is on social media, so don’t forget to bring up these controversial topics over Thanksgiving and other family gatherings!