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5 Steps to Making Your Room Feel “More Adult”

We make a life transformation from high school to college. Even if we do not move out of our parents house and live life on our own, college is the time where we transition from child to adult. Some of us want to apply this transition to the places where we spend a lot of our time, our bedrooms. These 5 steps will make your room feel more grown up, even if you are in a dorm, still at home with mom and dad, or if you have your own space in an apartment.




If you look around at your room and see that you just have too much “stuff”, then it is time to declutter. Go through your belongings and get rid of things that take up too much space, you do not use any more or that do not spark joy inside of you. The goal is to have carefully selected items in your room that spark joy or have meaning to you.


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Sometimes we have things to keep that we need, but it is something that does not necessarily spark joy or bring happiness to look at; such as school supplies, our ugly printers or our DVD’s, etc. The trick is to hide these necessary evils in cute storage bins  or storage areas that cannot be seen like under the bed. Try to find storage ideas that go with your space and are practical for everyday use.




In this step, you need to decide what kind of mood you are going for. Different colors give off different moods and feelings. For example, shades of black, grey, and white, display sophistication, freshness and maturity. Shades of yellow, blue and green, show joy, energy and tranquility. Shades of pink, red, and purple give off warmth, peace, and compassion. Not only do different colors alone give off a mood, but when colors are mixed together in a scheme, it can project an entirely different emotion. Here are some examples.

Shades of blue, yellow, and white

Shades of pink, green, and grey

Shades of blue, brown and black

Shades of blue, green and pink

Shades of orange, green and pink

Shades of pinks with neutrals like white or grey




Get a few lamps to layer lighting in the room instead of using the bright overhead light. Using lamps makes a room feel more welcoming and calming. When looking for the perfect lamps, try to get lamps that match with the mood of the room. Also, do not forget the different options of lighting you could utilize, for example, there are side table lamps for next your bed, floor lamps, desk lamps, and the most forgotten, natural light from the windows. LIghting can transform a room completely on its own.





When you enter a room, your eyes need to immediately be drawn to one area of a room. A room without a focal point can seem chaotic, not well put together or boring. Your focal point can be your bed, wall or a statement piece of furniture like a chair or a dresser. After you choose a focal point, it will be easier to decorate around that center of attention, without distracting away from your focal point. If you choose your bed to be the focal point, the trick is to have throw pillows and no art or pictures hanging above your bed on the wall. If you want your wall to be the focal point, choose a wall and place your favorite art piece, wall tapestry or have a collage of pretty things that bring joy to you like your pictures, art prints or wall decor. Just remember that less is more. Be selective with what you choose, do not pick out things to hang up just to fill space on your wall. To have a piece of furniture like a chair or dresser be a focal point, decorate subtly around it with pieces that will compliment the piece of furniture, instead of distract from it and make it appear too busy and cluttered.



The most important thing to remember is to make it your own, and have to fun with it. Transforming a room to appear “more adult” does not mean boring or to get rid of everything, only to have your space reflect more of your personality and to spark joy as soon as you walk through the door.



PRO TIP: Pinterest is a great resource for inspiration and ideas!

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