5 Binge Worthy Shows For Any and Everyone

Finding a show worth binge-watching isn’t wasn't as easy before the Netflix era. Shows came on at a certain time on a certain date and the fillers were reruns that remained muted on the TV in the background. With the introduction of sites such as Netflix and Hulu, however, everything changed. Now, hours upon hours of shows are at our fingertips, only a click of the mouse away. Because of this, binge watching shows has become a selective art. What is really worth the time? How many genuine laughs can we fit into our blank afternoons? 

Here are some Binge-Worthy Shows that you can keep returning to no matter the day or year.

1. New Girl

This show is for those looking for an easy laugh. With a seamless combination of boy and girl humor, New Girl is an all around crowd pleaser. It’s relatable and the episodes are short, so it’s a quick fix to an otherwise boring afternoon. 


2. Friends

While it may seem cliche, Friends will never fail anyone looking to binge watch Netflix. The familiar voices in the background make chores more doable, and if you are looking to genuinely pay attention, you’ll find it hard to keep a straight face through any given episode. 


3. The League

This suggestion is not for the easily offended. Classified as “guy humor” the show goes largely I watched by girls, but I can honestly say it is one of the funniest shows on Netflix. 


4. The Office

Need I say more?


5. Breaking Bad

If you’re looking to watch a show that begins with a relatable plot but spins out of control, and aren’t we all, Breaking Bad is an easy solution. Filled with suspense, quirks, drama, and action it’s a crowd pleaser simply because it’s got a bit of everything. 


Moral of the story, “binge-worthy” shows are ones that keep us interested while not becoming all-consuming. They don’t need 100% of your attention 100% of the time, but when it matters they can make you laugh and when your bored they can consume your attention.