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5 Best Austin Coffee Spots

5 Best Austin Coffee Spots


With midterms in full bloom and the PCL packed to the brim it may be time for you to branch out of the 40 acres for some quiet study time. Or maybe you just need a change in scenery from your usual study spot. Whatever your reason may be check out 5 of my favorite coffee shops in Austin.


Mozart’s Coffee Roasters • 3825 Lake Austin Blvd

I am sure you’ve been to Mozart’s light show in the winter but it is also a really great study spot. Enjoy bottomless coffee while overlooking Lake Austin while you study. They are also pet friendly and have a ton of seating both indoors and outdoors.


Epoch Coffee • 221 W N Loop Blvd

Epcoch is your one stop shop for ~Austin feels~ while studying. They play lyricless down-tempo tunes and offer a wide range of teas and coffee. Enjoy your studies at a classic table or any of their cozy chairs or couches.


Thunderbird Coffeee • 2200 Manor Rd

Just on the east side of I35 is this unique coffee haven. You are sure to find video game designers, freelance writers and whatever else you can think of at this shop any time of the day. Enjoy indoor or outdoor seating and your dog is always welcome!


Bennu Coffee • 2001 E Martin Luther King Jr

Across from the iconic “You’re my butter half” mural is this fine establishment. Open 24 hours a day and plenty of places to sit you are sure to run into some other studious Longhorns here.


Halcyon • 218 4th St

Whether you are in the mood for coffee, a cool hangout spot, alcohol or all of the above, Halcyon is the place. Offering a wide range of beverage options and sometimes live music this place screams Austin. They also offer both indoor/outdoor seating and are opening another location in the Muller area soon.


Happy studying, because #midtermszn is upon us. Caffeinate responsibly at any of these awesome coffee shops.

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