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4 Modern takes on thanksgiving classics for the girl on the go

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  • Mashed Potatoes 
    • Potatoes are very carb-intensive, starchy roots that are often loaded with milk, butter, and salt. Lower carb alternatives can substitute potatoes with healthy seasonal alternatives like parsnips, turnips, squash, or cauliflower for a more nutritious mash. Moreso, potato-based side dishes like air-fried or roasted wedges that use olive oil as a lighter emollient can be a good alternative. 
  • Green Beans
    • Veggie side dishes are a must to balance all the rich grease-laden holiday food. Green beans can be elevated to be more culinarily exciting by varying spices and cooking methods. My family is fond of Sichuan-style bean poles with terrifying amounts of garlic, chili, and sesame. If you want to fancy your plate up, you could also substitute beans with asparagus or broccolini.
  • Turkey
    • Turkey is a Thanksgiving classic among many families, but the preparation of Turkey from defrosting to cooking can be unreasonably time intensive for a girl on the go. 
    • Turkey legs are a fantastic way to celebrate Thanksgiving with reasonable portions and preparation times. HEB offers pre-seasoned turkey legs that are great for a newbie chef – just follow a few simple instructions, and 15 minutes later you have a mouthwatering festive meal!
  • Pumpkin Pie
    • Not only is pumpkin pie historically inaccurate, but it’s also scarily high in sugar, unsaturated fat, and cholesterol. As stereotypical as it is, pumpkin-based drinks like a pumpkin spice latte and desserts are a great way to get the festivity of pumpkin without the sugar crash. There’s an incredible variety of pumpkin-based desserts ranging from tarts to bread and cookies that can be baked in less than an hour. Pumpkin spice itself can be used to flavor drinks like lattes, smoothies, and teas.
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